Soooo, this is the place you want to write your inquiries, click the little send button and know, save a few brief moments, technology has made me aware you’re on a quest. Do you see me leaning forward in my chair reading the notification on my little smartphone screen…you know, me reaching over and picking up my phone…and I would read your message, pen my response in the back of my sketchbook…read it through…finish drinking my tea while I entered your email address and my words, and clicked send. You could lean over to look at your notifications and read my response to you.

That would be so great. I know. But, I don’t have a smartphone.

Consequently, I need a 24-hour soft window I can respond in. Need faster? Click on the chat button. It’s not a smartphone, but it’s set up so we can text/chat together during business hours.

There’s social media links, too…bottom of the page. Very bottom.

Whichever method you choose, thanks for reaching out and giving me the chance to help you!

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