Membership Terms

Memberships are effective immediately upon payment of subscription fees. You agree to pay a subscription fee to receive all the items/benefits for the membership level you have selected. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time without further payment due. Subscriptions that are cancelled forfeit any outstanding benefits, i.e. artwork, discounts, or items, etc. Only the artwork, discounts, or items amounts and descriptions listed are implied and guaranteed throughout the term and upon payment in full of membership. All items offered are based on availability, a similar or like item may be substituted. Additional items, artwork, swag, offers, discounts, etc. may be sent to current or previous Members but are not guaranteed or implied by this purchase or any other offer. Changes to your membership will take effect immediately only if they increase your benefits as a subscriber. You agree to accept your benefits and terms of membership and maintain your subscription information to receive this offer.

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