In the Studio

I sample different subjects to paint. Right now, it’s portraits and abstracts. I post all my artwork here, but curate my available art to keep things creative, synergistic, changing, and evolving. A new look arrives in 2019.


Meet The Team. Its just me.

I’m an artist + self-taught painter

I’m ANN Mi. I’ve been painting the figure, abstracts, portraits, still-life, and a few landscapes since 2005. I make small, modern paintings.





Solvent-Free Workspace

In the studio I use M. Graham®, Winsor & Newton®, Liquitex®, and Golden fine art acrylic paints, mediums, and gesso. They’re all solvent-free and free of other potentially harmful materials like lead or cadmium.

Archival + Non-Archival

Nearly every piece of my art is 100% archival. Then, some are 100% non-archival. You’ll find materials noted in the description of available artwork because some materials last lifetimes and others can yellow with age and UV exposure and generally last less than a generation without special care.



I do not make a point of listing materials with product designations with or on my artwork, although (secretly) I may have purchased the materials based on their alliances, special certifications, or awards.

Paid Sponsor

I am not sponsored, so my artwork is brought to you by me and does not feature any corporate logos or include any materials that I need to represent through my art.

Any corporate logos or materials used (in whole or in part) in my artwork or in my images of my studio or artwork are not there as product placement. I have not been paid for their use and they remain the property of their respective copyright and/or trademark owners.