Getting to it…

I’ve spent most of the summer working on my website, cleaning up and eyeballing it page by page. I think I’ve done enough for now. I mean, this is how I’ll leave things, at least until fall.

As well as finishing up the website updates, I’ve just finished an inventory list to store in my planner and tags to attach to my paintings. Both have been on my list for years to complete, I just couldn’t decide on a design that was clean, practical, and easy to grab up and use. Sometimes the simplest tasks keep us in limbo if we don’t complete them. Having a ledger now for listing all the paintings I actually do complete will be a big help for keeping track of things — along with these artwork tags to keep title and date on the artwork.

As I begin to roll out some new artwork, I have a few ideas I want to explore through a lot of sketching…I may paint a few, but it’s the sketches I’m after. Contrast, complexity, composition…I’m looking forward to seeing development over time. I won’t get the sketches up on the site right away, but look for at least a few of them to make their way onto the Sketchbook pages beginning late August or September.

I also will soon add Stories to my site (it will replace Notes) so I can share some of my process and behind the scenes. I know Instagram has a thing, Snapchat has a thing…but what I plan to have isn’t something that will disappear the next day, I won’t just have vertical videos and photos, and I’ll often write in a little info about the work I’m doing, etc.

I’m still working out 1) how to start these Stories since I don’t own a smartphone, my camera doesn’t do video, and my tablet is shattered, but I happen to have one of those action cams from Amazon and if I can get enough light maybe the task is all but in the bag! And 2) what to film other than short clips of me painting or sketching.

I haven’t come up with anything yet, but there’s plenty of time to work the details out and get things working in a way that’s enjoyable, and smart, and long-lasting.

Everything’s changed for me this year, especially since reaching the point where I can’t afford to invest in my own artwork anymore. I want to keep thinking that it will all work out, but it’s hard to dispute everyone now who’d said to me from the start I wouldn’t ever earn a living from my art. So, maybe not. But, I don’t think it means I can’t keep doing my best, keep pushing forward with what I have as long as I can.

And, explore art more broadly, and intensively. Expand. Then bring it together more cohesively. Contract.

Like Luke lifting his jet from the swamp.

To stop my anxiety I just need to stop rushing to make something and wind up with nothing, and quit stopping too soon instead of pushing further because I didn’t spend enough time really planning out my design and technique in the first place.

I say this all constructively, of course, because I like my artwork.

Tonight, I sit behind the computer, updates on the website just completed last night, and a new 24 x 36 inch canvas propped on my little easel beside me, waiting for me to charcoal in my design from the project list I have sitting on my desk. Greece, then Italy/Sicily, Malta, and maybe Corsica…


Getting to it...
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Getting to it...
Website updates completed with new features coming soon. And, new sketches and artwork are on their way to the portfolio and the store soon, too.
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