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Last year’s Buy My Art t-shirt is so last year. So, when putting together this year’s edition I wanted the same. I wanted this shirt to look 2018. I really think it does 🙂

The biggest change for this shirt is that there is no printed on the chest, it’s now solely printed on the back label. Letting go of the, “I can use this shirt to help support my studio,” mindset, I now envision more artists being able to use a t-shirt like this to help support their studio…such as at paint-outs, art fairs, and in-person promos, or for a group of students/interns manning your booths, or at other work events, etc.


Let people know what type of crazy you’ve got, right up front and with a big smile.

Buy My Art is a t-shirt for both girls and boys. I know the script font seems a little fem for boys, but be strong fellas and make your point crystal clear.

Or, grab last year’s t-shirt and just ask me to leave off the on the front. I won’t mind, or get offended. I hope you all meet a lot of people and sell a lot of art.


There are regular ring-spun cotton shirts and poly-cotton blend shirts to choose from. The difference is that the poly blend is softer, a little lighter, and more stretchy than the pure cotton shirt, but one isn’t a better t-shirt than the other. Both shirt materials are durable, comfortable, and machine washable.

The Money

Same prices this year as last, bulk pricing available for all my t-shirt editions. Shipping worldwide in around a week. Shoot me an email if you’ve got questions.

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