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If you’ve read my previous article you’ll know I don’t ever want to write as much again — unless it’s the start of a brilliant, multi-layered novel and I have an enormous book deal. I promise I’ll simplify this note, outline what’s next, and then edit in any addition information in the future, if it’s helpful.

Seasonal Artwork

Seasonal artwork officially ends in June when the summer season of painting would have begun for me. And, with these sudden changes effecting my easel time, I won’t paint nearly as many pictures this season. I think last season I started 30 paintings and finished 28, or something near that. This season I will release half as many, including a few digital designs, and a few of my quick portrait sketches — I love making these, the weirder the better, but I’ve never made them available in my store before. I also want to focus again on painting portraits. I think these might become a little weirder this time around than the other portraits I’ve shared.

Artwork Updates

Changes to this website start very, very soon to reflect all the sudden changes for me and the direction of my artwork. I’ll continue to update with new artwork that I complete until I convert to private artwork and commissions. I’ll place a final notice throughout the website both when I’m closing the store and again after I’ve stopped listing my artwork publicly.

If you’re asking if this doesn’t go well and there are no private collectors purchasing my artwork, will I still refine my workflow and close my store? Yes, because I want to move forward. I’ll continue to create my artwork privately for as long as I can because I refuse to quit altogether, but I can no longer financially support selling my artwork as if I’m running my own galleria full of paintings and products. It’s time I let go and moved away from this type of work in my studio.


Any artwork sold from now until the time my store closes permanently is still part of my work and I will continue to offer my services and assistance indefinitely. Anyone who buys any of my artwork will be a collector and updated regularly until they request me to stop.

Private Collections

Although I’ve reached the financial end, I don’t want to quit, actually stop painting. I plan to continue working on new artwork — even if I need to find additional work outside my studio. In the future I’ll be relying less on a platform of, I don’t know what else to call it, social ecommerce…it’s sort of a wide open marketplace that seems great for selling clothes, phones, and freelance design + illustrations. In my experience so far, having a store full of press products and available art puts limits on painting to the detriment of moving forward creatively, far more so than a lack of money ever has or will.

Unfortunately, I have no money to go forward and struggling even one more day like I have to make and not sell anything is just literally suicidal. However, to create and move my work exclusively into a private market helps me and my work only on the condition that private buyers and collectors become (very) interested in my artwork. And, with my experience so far the odds are stacked against me, and taking my artwork private is yet another overwhelming risk for me to shoulder. But, as far as I can see, scaling back right now is my only option to keep creating.

Memberships & Subscriptions

In the upcoming months I’ll be making my artwork available exclusively to private buyers permanently.

All three membership levels currently available, Curator, Patron, and Private Collector, are annual memberships paid via a monthly subscription. I’ve updated the benefits and costs of these memberships to make them attractive to a wide variety of art buyers and to insure I’m able to establish a stable foundation to work throughout this transition. Look for more updates coming to membership levels throughout the year that help make buying my artwork an enjoyable experience for you.

There are zero subscribers right now, so that gives me a lot of room for growth in this area!

Social Media

And, finally…my social media accounts will remain open and semi-active. A lot of my upcoming artwork won’t be accepted on social media, at least not without censorship, so images will remain private and access made available to subscribers and private collectors here on my website. I’m thinking about sharing photos of my process and behind the scenes, though, if anyone is interested.


If there’s anything else about upcoming events that I’ve forgotten to mention here or that needs to be updated, I’ll note it in this article — which can be viewed for updates at least until the late summer.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s visited my website(s) over the years — everyone who aren’t web bots! Thanks for watching my artwork develop if you’re following me on RSS. I hope you continue to follow my journey just as sincerely as I hope to continue to make art.

Stay curious…



What's Next
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