Winter so soon

Wasn’t I just writing the Fall update? Speaking of writing, that scrawl above in the image is mine. I’m not drugged, that’s the ridiculously hideous way I ‘claw’ at the pen when I use my tablet in Photoshop. I’m self-conscious, but I create works of art and then I tell people about them and post pictures of them online. So, I’ve crossed the line on what to share with the group already.

Studio Organization

I spend a lot of time in this one, little spot…How I get organized and motivated to work in the studio when there are so many odds and ends everywhere is maddening. Maddening. I could write it again for effect…Maddening.

So, I’m really interested in what others do, but I’m also sharing some tricks I have for working in a small studio. One of the best solutions have been my planner pages, which I fell off the cliff this year over.

I bought my planner in 2004, a little, red classic size with handles that tuck away, and it’s seen light-duty use ever since. But, that changed this year when I started seeing the many ways I could configure my planner to carry some of the work for me in the studio. Part of it was that I signed up for mailing lists to get free planner pages early last spring…but, then, by summer I bought brass paper clips, and copper arrows, and sticky notes…

And, it all made sense to me. I had to stop making do and make some custom planner pages that really fit me as an artist. And, once I did that, it was like — ahhhhh, the wind beneath my wings, or a weight lifted from my shoulders. Where before it all seemed the same endless campaign now seemed a bouquet of opportunity; like, how lucky am I to always have something to list in my planner each day to do…and review…and track? That’s made the work move forward again. A little more each day. And, even though it’s still all the same work in here, it’s amazing how much of a difference there is in how I feel.

So, I’m sharing my planner pages, like the one’s up above, with other creatives. They are available in my store, listed individually or as a set. Look at them as Volume One — because I’ll rearrange stuff or add to them later on as the tasks change.

Studio Management

Battling against this little space for too long has had me exhausted. I’m eyeing a slightly larger studio spot that opened up, but there’s a wait list, evidently. Hopefully I can get more space in the new year. I already put aside hopes of working on larger paintings since space for storing my works of art has evaporated.

Thankfully, little paintings are so cute.


I’ve put a ton of things on my wishlist at Amazon, but all kidding aside, who hasn’t? It’s tough difficult enormously challenging a struggle hell to be an unknown artist online because the element of separation is so acute that well-known brick and mortar retailers still struggle with developing an identity online.

That’s all to say that like a lot of independent artists, each season, despite all the work, being unknown means I’m still facing an empty store. So, this season I’ll scale my offerings back just a little more. A little more, but not so much there isn’t a store full of art waiting for you to buy and give as gifts this holiday, or that I don’t still look forward to all the work that’s up ahead.

Up Ahead

It took a lot of patience for me to get you here, so hang on…:0

  • Changes this season: What a relief. I’m saying good-bye to much of what I thought I needed to do in the studio. Like painting big art, desperately wanting to go back to painting with oils, or desperately wanting to go to workshops and art schools, etc. I really struggled with this stuff over the years. But, none of it matters, nor the brusqueness of my painting style, nor the content I choose to paint…
  • In the studio: I’m looking forward to painting over some of my older paintings this season and destroying the mountain of duds that didn’t work out. Can’t wait. This is my first go at it, but I could make this an annual thing. They’re self-defeating, those damn duds. And, if I can let go of them, that’s a sticky note, a heart + a smiley face in my planner…
  • I’m focusing more on the art of being creative, and of course the process, but I’m also looking forward this season to integrating what compels me to create a lot more. I’m interested in seeing what effect it has on what I make and do. Because being compelled and inspired are so different in the context of work.
  • New items in the store: Small paintings, whose greatness for filling the little spaces on your bookshelves is legendary, are in the shop from now to Spring 18, and maybe a few beyond that…because I like making them so much.
  • I return to painting a few nudes, figures, and portraits along with several landscapes this season.
  • Plus, more sketching…lately, it’s just quickly drawn line portraits that focus on building confidence. They look so simple, but they’re tough. There’s not a lot of time to think about it before you’re finished. So, the psychology is mostly training yourself where/how to start. On the site, I juxtapose these against the complete drawings I shared from my sketchbook. But, I like these so much more because I imagine much, much more when I look at them…something I didn’t do at all with the fully drawn sketches, because those already felt complete to me.
  • In stock this season: canvas prints for each of my small paintings include a custom wood frame this season. Premium gold faced selections as well as classic black and white float frames are available to choose from.
  • And, finally…No one’s noticed, but I totally stopped listing my original works of art for sale this year. [I feel like I should be whispering this, for some reason.] I’ve chosen to deal only with prints and multiples online. So, if you find a painting of mine that you like, please inquire.

Lots of focus, but not a lot of changes inside the studio or on the website — wanting things to run smoothly this season just in case…there is…a sale <— yikes, am I even allowed to talk about it, or did I just doom myself? What if there are no sales this season now because…

Cheers, happy holidays!

Winter so soon
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Winter so soon
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