This Autumn

I’m letting go

I’ve let all these new paintings slowly emerge to become a marker where in choosing to use organic marks and scribbles I’ve ignored the absolutes of figurative painting, or tried to, and returned to a loosened intention of observation, focusing more on being guided out of the picture by blocks or tangles of lines and colors, not to appear quixotic, but to embrace the unpredictable.

Changes this season

  • I’d wanted to completely redesign the website, but given the changes Google threw our way this year, I purchased a completely new SSL certificate, instead. Use from now on to browse the site and checkout securely.
  • Stripe is now available for checkout. If you are not familiar with Stripe, they are an online payment processor. With Stripe selected, you don’t have to leave to checkout, you simply enter your billing and payment details to place your artwork order.
  • Apple Pay is now available for checkout. See payments methods for more details.
  • And, finally, your choice of a custom made polystyrene frame that is modern, lightweight, stylish and wood-free is included when you buy my canvas art prints. However, did you know custom wood moldings are used for framing paper artwork and are available by request for canvas prints, if not already offered with the artwork? Prices vary based on frame size.

Let me know if you need additional help — please don’t, for the love of Pete, old man, abandon purchasing my artwork! I’ve added a new chat feature to the site to make asking questions easier.

Always taking your suggestions on how to make buying my art a regular practice for yourself and others, please leave me a comment below, or contact me privately here or out in the wild via social media.

This Autumn
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This Autumn
What's going on this season at Fall updates include a new payment processor, Apple Pay, and a leap back in time for me, to more abstract observations.
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