Cue Summer!

It’s here. Summer. I have lots planned for it, too. So, I’m just going to dive right in and list what I’ve written down to work on this season:


three flamingos in tropical garden

Yes! For my list I reached back to some of the earliest subjects that captured my attention and flamingos were numero uno. I used to see them walking down Busch Blvd or Dale Mabry, oh, and at that intersection off the airport with Route 60 and Veterans. And, so very often on the lawn in front of the office I worked at (also on Busch Blvd.) Some had flown the coop, literally, from Busch Gardens. I think a few were from the hotels. And I would love, LOVE catching a glimpse of one.


I’m going to go slow with this one. I miss the beaches so I want to stand at the shore and look out at the water again. I want to see the seagulls flying above me. I want to watch for dolphins swimming in the Gulf. From a final project in Flash where I painted a loggerhead in Photoshop, this might be the summer I paint that turtle. And, when my Mom took an Alaskan cruise with her friends many years ago she stood on deck and photographed a whale and I said, “Ya, I’d really like to paint a whale sometime…” But, of course I never did. So. maybe this is the year I will.


And, then there’s this time when I was like, I don’t know — SEVEN. And, I was in the living room for some reason when suddenly the Wide World of Sports broke into the broadcast. And, it was for SURFING. What? I was poleaxed standing and staring at the television.

And, I’ve been that way about surfing ever since. I’ve never surfed. Never seen it live, in person. I’ve never even been to Hawaii. Or, Figi. Or, the Canary Islands. Or, Mexico. Or, hell, California. I guess it’s the documentation: the films — all of Bruce Brown’s stuff, legendary surf photos, and, ya, the memory of that one time when they interrupted a broadcast for surfing that’s kept it wide-eyed interesting and enjoyable to me… Back then surfing was even edited into the intro. Remember their intro? Da-da-da-duh-duh. (But, don’t hum it thinking Hawaii-Five-O or you’re done…that’s a wrap) And, it always ended with that one guy doing a massive, massive, massive ski jump, during a qualifier or the Olympics…

Did I just lose my mind? I think I did, just a little bit. I don’t remember last week — at all. But, this is still up there?

So, I’ve wanted to paint some surfing pictures for…a while. But, truthfully, I thought I’d be a better painter by now. Well, and I thought I’d live in Hawaii by now. Or, at least have visited. And, if I’m being totally honest. I thought I’d have a little money by now, too…

Anyway, I think surfing staring out at the water with a flock of seagulls flying above me is going to be my maybe if I don’t mess them all up project for this season of paintings…