Spring returns

I’m a few days early, I know, but I just want to note the ideas I’m working on right now. 🙂

Contemporary Nudes

I’ve returned to painting figures again, this time male figures. I love the change from having sketched and painted female only pictures for a long while and all that I learned from that. But, I hope there’s room in this studio for more than one ride. Whatever that means. It’s no carnival in here. By any means. It’s way too small in here for rides. Just saying. It’s that I don’t have plans now to focus solely on painting just females. Or, males.

I plan on exploring more anatomy, so nude figure paintings, et al. I’ll loosen up my edges from where they are now, which are still very sharp, to more lost. Not like dark, blurry photos of people caught moving, but rather I’m adjusting the focal point more creatively during the painting process. And, I’m not knocking or pointing my fingers at anyone out there making paintings of blurry photos, and that’s their thing…

So, blurry figures with random focal points coming up…Of men and women this time around. But, separately.

Mystery Project

And, I’m also exploring another project this Spring, hoping to get ahead of myself for Summer. Rather than talk this one out, however, I’m just going to note that I have this other project I’m sort of working on in addition to the anatomy project described above. Which is shitty and vague, but I’m woe to mention this project too early, lest I drop it or have it all fall to pieces.

[Which happens a lot to me because I have a lot of ideas, and they fall apart as I work on them, and I wonder why I let myself lose so much time and use up my materials. But…]

But, focusing my work on color, gesture, expression and the design has made my work so much more interesting — at least to me. I’ve wanted to work on a project where I can push the design element a little stronger and this other project lets me do that. Hopefully it will be ready to release either for the Spring or Summer seasons.

Keep watching!

My Name is Might-a-been, 2017