Happy 2017!

I usually look forward to each new year so I can shake things up a bit and tackle new stuff. But, with so much complicated negativity around, 2017 may be the best (and hardest) year to uncomplicate things, remember each other’s humanity, and stay focused on the nitty gritty.

Inside my studio

I’m still working on some experimental projects in the background. But, I’m also settling down to work mainly on portraits of women, again. Or, still? I’m experimenting with capturing gesture, but am also moving toward portraying some intangibles in my paintings this year…like inner sensuality, comfort, etc. I have a long, long way, yet, to go, but I’ve begun to see some developments. Finally.

I only started painting in 2005, so that’s not been so long ;/

Outside my studio

Since I’ve been pretty isolated, especially the last few years, one of my new year’s resolutions for 2017 is to branch out a little. I’ve been trying to find a quick way to make graphics, because I am so bad at sitting for hours picking at one little photo, picking a font, adding the text, fiddling with the kerning and leading, squinting, deciding which branding, my signature or the circle logo…Jeez, and I didn’t even admit to the 72 photos I made to cull just one from the pack to edit, work on, and post.

Anyway, this is what isolated sounds like, a little. I guess. Wow. Can’t put all that in my bio.

And, the future beyond my window

On a personal note, my daughter graduates high school in June, and then she’s moving away and on to college. I suppose I’m like all the other parents out there that suddenly find life wide open; its stressful and yet a little bit hopeful, too. How I run the studio after that is still undecided. All I know for sure is I won’t know anything for sure until it gets closer to the time she leaves. I’ll post then about where I’ll take my studio from here.

Happy New Year!