This summer I have worked on multiple projects. I usually work on and complete one project at a time, but have multiple projects running around in my head all at once, anyway. I think we all do this? So, working on my projects collectively like this was natural, and…liberating. 

I happily tackled new subjects and explored what else I thought I wanted to work on, in addition to painting. Through my normal process of trial and error, I got a really good sense of what I like to work on and why. I mean, I guess this always shifts…what I like…but what doesn’t — or, at least what I think doesn’t — shift is this ideology of what is worth working on, working for.

I don’t know. But, this summer,  I once again left behind the way I thought things were supposed to be done, and just by changing my workflow, the direction of my work has completely changed now. Yet, everything I want stayed exactly the same.  And, its this unevenness — like a field full of berms, that’s made my working on multiple projects at once insanely achievable.

I hope this new direction is something others enjoy, too. I really need the money : )


What you see above, in the image, is part of the beginnings of a space exploration project I’ve been putting off painting for a little over five years. I didn’t want to see my work compared to those creepy double images of stars with trees, mountains, women’s hair, or animal stock, you know? Or, Star Trek. I just wanted to work on painting some stars, maybe the constellations, moons, some planets. I don’t know. But, the cosmos, are always on my mind, for some reason, and I’ve — maybe it was reading Contactª? 🙂  — wanted to do more exploring without turning into a total, complete sci-fi nut. So, this summer I began. And, its been all the flavors of fun.


What I haven’t posted, yet, are the new abstract paintings. I’ve worked on monochrome/duotone abstracts this summer that are geometric designs, and I’d like to push further with these so that they are more and less than what they are right now. Ironically, these have made me imagine more now. They force me to look again. That’s not really a description of the work that’s dense with, um, descriptiveness, but don’t worry. The adjectives will flow out of me later.  This is the fourteen year old project I’ve mentioned working on before. This summer, I got back to it.


And, the portraits, of course. I’m still working on those, trying to see if I can simplify without painting emptiness. I have the worst time painting portraits, but for some reason I’m obsessed with them. Not, obsessed like I’ll have the walls hung in portraits several layers deep. But, obsessed as in I’ll be working on these till I wheeze out my last, dying breath. I’ve limited myself to female portraits and sketches, right now, so I won’t lose any more sleep over the magnitude of humanity on Earth to choose a painting source from. Ironically, I didn’t paint any portraits, at all, this summer. However, I sketched several portraits and have my eye on completing the one I started painting back in May, just when we all were still on the cusp of summer’s birth…


ª Carl Sagan, Contact, New York, Simon & Schuster, ©1985