ANN Mi. ⟁ Studio

Massive Overhaul

Hi, I'm ANN Mi. and right now I'm still rearranging my studio, designing an ancient paper inventory system (because after a year I can admit to not understanding the instructions for creating an easy, no coding required app), I'm also creating both a beautiful, new online portfolio for my artwork (oh, so close; now styling my 4th theme + hoping this one works out) as well as a separate online store (I've bought one theme and side eyed 6 more just in case) to sell artwork + merch on, fingers crossed, so I can keep separate my art goals + my ecommerce goals. And, so my workflow becomes way more structured for me. Please, standby as I continue to push and pull everything together in here... I know the date keeps getting delayed, but expect my artwork and the presentation of it to be revealed around mid to end of summer. Both here and on social media. Hopefully 💋🎱...Thanks for your patience!