The Buy My Art cotton t-shirt, updated for 2018.

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The annual Buy My Art t-shirt, updated for 2018.
  • Color Me, Artist Edition, 2018, Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    Color Me, Artist Edition, 2018, Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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    UNISEX, Small – 3XL

    This is an original COLOR ME t-shirt, artist edition — sans art. Grab a pack of your favorite brand of washable markers and have friends and loved ones take turns coloring in and outside the lines. Or, go permanent with paints and fabric markers.

    This t-shirt features outline lettering on the front and the signature logo and studio website address worn on the back label. Available in black on white cotton ringer style only, at this time.

    If you need bulk pricing for schools, art fairs, child sizes, etc, please contact me, I’m happy to help.


    Thanks for your support! Add 3 or more BUY MY ART and/or Color Me Shirt, ARTIST edition t-shirts to your cart and I’ll give you 10% off each shirt during checkout. Use code BUYMYART10. Offer is good now through 12/28/2018.

  • Circles, 2018

    Circles, 2018

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    11 x 14, 20 x 30 inches

    Circles, 2018 is technically a color lanes graphic design because I used the same palette to complete a little larger, abstract digital painting. Printed on archival matte paper and framed with an oversized mat in a 24 x 24 inch classic, thin white metal frame with glass glazing.

  • Early Spring Landscape, 2018

    Early Spring Landscape, 2018

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    8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)

    I’d wanted to paint a contemporary version of the classic Dutch landscape with windmill and tulips, but never found a source on the map to work with. Instead, I found this cloud formation. It’s beautiful, I said to myself, staring at it’s swirling majesty. I started with the clouds and ended with the grasses. The flat Dutch countryside was stolen from the waters, after all, so little patches of drenched grasses were a natural addition.


  • Migrating Geese, 2018

    Migrating Geese, 2018

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    8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)

    I think the colors of the sky are what really make this landscape painting of migrating wild geese so beautiful. Purple, blue and orange. Funnily, I used to mess up two of the names, purple and orange when I was a kid. I called them green. Despite actually knowing purple was purple, and orange was orange, and green was, of course, green. And, for me, green and orange were the worst color names to see and say, but add to that needing to identify purple, too, and I was absolutely tongue tied every time. Henceforth, purple, orange, and green became high value colors to me and have special meaning in my paintings, as well.

  • House on the Hill, 2018

    House on the Hill, 2018

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    8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm)

    Looking forward to painting landscapes this Spring, I’m adding another contemporary landscape painting, this one a study of a French home peeking out above a hillside. This picture originally began as just a field of foliage, but when faced with painting a second canvas full of greens, I added in a stucco two story house with a to die for attic window. Having just seen a house that peeked only slightly above the trees and shrubs enough to see it’s upper story and roof line, I decided to use it as a guide to paint this picture’s final composition.


  • Peach Garden Roses, 2018

    Peach Garden Roses, 2018

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    8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)

    A bold, contemporary landscape sketch of peach garden roses in bloom. Pairs perfectly with my Pink Garden Roses print.  I used both brush and knife to express color and movement in these fresh rose paintings.

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